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How To Be The Best Mardi Gras Host

InsightRachel SanderfordComment

Here we are again... Carnival season has arrived and with that usually comes guests ready to partake in all the fun!

You might be saying you're already an awesome host just by letting these people come and stay at your house. And yes, that is very nice of you but don't you want to make this the best Mardi Gras for everyone?

I've put together a few tips on how to make this pain free for you the host, and have guests bragging about your hosting skills for years to come.


We all know Mardi Gras is a marathon and not a sprint but some newbies may not realize this. Stock up on coffee, tea, caffeine IVs so that plenty is available for the household. If you are feeling extra kind then perhaps put a coffee maker or Keurig in the guest room so the walk is even shorter. 


And when I say mini bar it doesn't HAVE to be alcohol. Get an array of small snack packs and bottles of water for your guests. 

New Orleans is also known for some rich food that out of towners may not be use to. Have some pepto, tums, etc available. You can include these in your first aid kit along with a sewing kit, safety pins, scissors. Better to be prepared!



No one wants to spend time trying to get their guests to the nearest Walgreens for things they've forgotten. Head over there before hand and pick up some travel size necessities.

Plus, it never hurts to have an another toothbrush or floss just in case.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: get a communal phone charger to put in the living room. There's always that one person who never charges their phone or brings a charger. 


We are having a very weird winter - I mean, is it really the South if the temp stays at freezing for more than one night? If the rest of the month and February are going to be this cold then get some extra blankets! The worst is staying at someone's house and freezing the whole night.


And if you don't have central heating then get a little heater to put in their room. These are pretty inexpensive but make a world of difference. 

If you've been through Mardi Gras then you know how hard it can be to get things done once the parades have begun. It's better to get this all done now and then all you have to focus on later is the fun!