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Tips For A Clean And Organized Kitchen

InsightRachel SanderfordComment

Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Christmas dinners have just finished and before you know it'll be New Years.

This is the perfect time to clean out the fridge and pantry. Start out 2018 with an organized, clean and clutter-free home!

1. Take it ALL out

This is a bit annoying but the best first step is to take everything out of your fridge and pantry. You want have an empty open space to start from scratch.


This is especially important if you haven't cleaned these out in a while.

There is most likely some expired goods in there. As you are taking everything out make two separate piles: Expired and Good to Use.

2. Wipe it down

Over time there may have been spillage in the fridge. Take this moment to wipe it down and get a nice clean surface. As you start to return the goods to the fridge give these a little wipe down too.

3. Group like items

With the pantry start with the can goods. These last the longest out of of anything and can be put somewhat towards the back. If you tend to buy in bulk then stack the same can goods on top of each other. Such as two cans of peas or two cans of tomato sauce. Something my family does is also group can goods together that are in the same recipe. 


You want the items that quickly expire towards the front such as bread, chips, cookies. 

Same idea with the fridge... extra butter can go in the back and fresh veggies up front if you don't have a veggie drawer. 

Designate the shelves to similar items as well. If you have three tier shelving in your fridge then keep drinks together on one, dairy and goods like eggs on another and larger pieces of meat on the bottom. 

4. Have a space for takeout

So with the New Year approaching I'm sure we will all make New Year's resolutions to eat healthier and cook more at home but sometimes you just gotta eat out!

To make your resolution easier, create a small space in the fridge for takeout. If this fills up then take this as a sign you need to cook a nice healthy dinner at home. We all need little reminders!

These are a few tips on getting you started on a clutter-free home. Remember, if this feels overwhelming then please give us a call so we can help!