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The Gift Of A Clutter-Free Kid's Room

InsightRachel Sanderford

The holidays are right around the corner. Everyone has been looking for the perfect gift for loved ones and that obviously includes the kids. There are always new and improved toys that your kids have to have right? When I was little it was a robotic doggie.

But where to put all these new found toys and what to do with the old ones?

We wanted to share some tips on how to keep the kids area clutter-free.

1. Say bye-bye to the school stuff

We are a few months into the school year now...Art projects, papers, old homework. All of this is cluttering the shelves. Time to throw some of it out.

Obviously, keep the sentimental art work but the homework sheet that got a check plus can go. Get a plastic bin, long and thin. Fill it up with everything you want as a keepsake and once it's full then trash the rest.

2. OLD toys

You know what I'm talking about. Is there a toy you bought them 3 christmases ago and it was literally only played with once? Donate it.

Is there a toy that every time you kid picks it up it falls apart? Throw it away.

Kids also grow out of toys. Donate them if they are salvageable and give another little kid a chance to play.

3. Arts and Crafts

If you have a kid who likes to get creative with the paints or crayons then I'm sure you have at least one box full of half empty old paint containers and broken crayons. Now is the time to throw them out. If the paint is so old it has hardened into the container then definitely throw it out.

4. Books

Books take up ALOT of space. And don't get me wrong, I love books but sometimes you have to go through a good book purge. If your child is a preteen and there are still shelves and shelves of picture books then it's time to get rid of those. Again, save the sentimental ones (1 or 2 only please) and donate the rest.

You want your kids to love their rooms and being able to grow and relax in there. They can't do that if it is cluttered with the past. 

This a great time to donate children's books, toys, clothing, etc for people who might be strapped for cash during the holidays. Don't think of this as you losing something but as someone else being able to get a wonderful gift for their children. 

I know the holidays can be a crazy time. You may read this and think this is the worst time to do something like this. BUT now is the time. Get that stuff out of there before the new stuff comes in and adds even more chaos. 

And of course, give The Occasional Wife a call and we can help you! Give the gift of organization to yourself and your family.