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Don't Let Christmas Add Clutter

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Gifting can be hard. You want to get something that your family or friend will love and cherish.  And we can all agree we don't want to add to anyone's clutter in their home. 

One of the reasons we decided to put together The OW Holiday Hot List was to give you unique gift ideas while promoting other fantastic local businesses. 

Below are some gifts (including our first Hot List recommendation) we think would be perfect for your loved ones!

 J. Hilburn with stylist Graham da Ponte

Graham da Ponte tells us, "J. Hilburn is revolutionizing the way men shop. We deliver the world's finest fabrics and personalized construction directly to you, so you'll never have to set foot in a mall or department store again. by cutting out the middleman I can offer custom and ready-to-wear clothing at prices you won't believe."

These pieces are perfect for the men and boys in your life. If you have a son or nephew who is in that in between stage of being too big for kid's sizes and too small for men's sizes then this is a wonderful option for you. It's a gift that will make them look and feel great.

Graham will be at our Dec. 9th Pop Up with Juli and Jeri. 

The Gift of Organization


Not to toot our own horn but the gift of organization is a great present for pretty much anyone. We all need that unbiased eye to come in and help us declutter even if that's just going through those old t-shirts we stuffed in a drawer. The perk of this is the gift receiver can choose exactly what they want to do with those hours given. A helpful and clutter-free gift!

Wine Club


This is obviously for those adult wine connoisseurs out there. I gave this to my parents last Christmas and they absolutely loved it. I chose the Winc Wine Club because you there were so many options. You could get a an already created gift box with certain wines and snacks in them or put down a certain amount of money and answer questions of the types of wines your gift receiver likes. In the end my parents ended up buying a membership they liked it so much! 

For the Foodies


Another one of our Holiday Hot List recommendations is Gumbo House. An amazing supper club experience done by chef Philip Toups. He'll prepare cajun-inspired meals in his home that you and your friends can enjoy or he will supply a delicious dinner at your house. Stay tuned for more info on him to come during our Holiday Hot List spotlights.


As we are on the edible train of thought, you can also find great gifts of snacks. There are memberships to food prep delivery service, healthy snack boxes, vegan delights, pretty much anything you can think of! There are so many good ones out there now and this is the perfect gift for a busy loved one. 

Surprise Family Vacay


When the kids wake up on Christmas morning surprise them with a trip! It could be a far away vacation, a camping trip near by or even a day at the lake. Create memories with you family instead of stressing about material gifts. 


These are just a few suggestions on what you could get for those you love. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and get something different this year. We live in a time where everything is literally available at our fingertips. Get creative!