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The Armoire: Why We Love It and Need It

InsightRachel SanderfordComment

Part of the charm of living in this city is the older beautifully built homes. Living in a shotgun or antebellum home you get details you wouldn’t get in a modern home: the high ceilings, crown molding, and the unique architecture to name a few.

And both of these types of homes have one definite similarity. Small closets. In the yester years people didn’t have disposable clothing like we do now. You know what I’m talking about. The shirt, from Forever 21, that after a few wears falls apart or the 2 for 1 pants deal at Target that you couldn’t resist. We just have more. But in these older homes there’s nowhere to put these things. That’s where armoires come in.

As New Orleans residents you probably have at least one armoire in your house. Or have rigged up a shelving device for all your shoes. Either way you’ve had to become creative with your storage.

Armoires are functional in many different ways. Shoes, clothes, costumes, electronics, you name it, can go in these and once the doors shut the clutter is gone. And these armoires, especially the antiques, are beautiful, so why not utilize them?

Kay always says, “Take a picture of the armoires! Everyone wants the armoires!”

The Occasional Wife has new and antique armoires of all shapes and sizes for a fraction of the usual price. However, there are a few tricks to choosing the perfect armoire.

Here are just a few:

1. Know your space

You don’t want to bring in a mammoth armoire (no matter how pretty) into a narrow one bedroom. It will overwhelm the room and make everything look smaller. FYI the goal is the make the place look neat and larger! And buying the right furniture makes this possible.



2. Know your style

An armoire can be a statement piece but it shouldn’t be the only thing your guests are staring at because it stands out so much compared to the rest of your furniture. For the most part, armoires are usually wood and aren’t made to stand out. But there are a few that are wonderfully painted or have a specific eye catching design. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t go. In a living room full of beige and white with pink accents don’t get the one with the roosters painted on it.



3. Know the function

Armoires are all different on the inside like unique little snowflakes. They have shelving or drawers or a cut out back for a tv. Why are you buying this specific armoire? For a entertainment system you will want the cut out on the back for the cords. Do you need it for intimates? You will need drawers so these can be organized and separated. Do you need hanging space? In the armoires designed for TVs there is a large open space that a hanging bar can be added to.



These all need to be taken into consideration when getting an armoire. You want to get the most bang for your buck and use the armoire in the best way possible.

These ideas may be common sense to some but they can be easy to forget when you see a gorgeous antique armoire calling your name. It’s best to go in knowing what you want and need.

Now get out there and find your perfect armoire!