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Tackling Storage: Photos

InsightRachel SanderfordComment

In the "old" days you would take pictures on a camera and have the film developed. A lot of times you didn't even know what was going to come back. Very exciting times. This most likely resulted in a hall closet full of stacks of photos.

During Thanksgiving or Christmas you probably find yourself sitting on the floor with relatives reminiscing about the past. You've also probably run across several photos of nothing. The usual response is to stuff those back into the package and move on. Hey, I've done it. It's the easiest way but in the end you have lots of photos you don't need taking up precious storage space.


So here are some ideas on how to have a neat and beautiful photo storage space! (I promise you can do it and if you can't, then you'll call us!)

1. Ditch

Like I said, if you find yourself reminiscing during the holidays take this time to get rid of the bad photos. Bring over a big trash bag and just start going through them all. Have the younger kids make a game of it. Don't think of this as work. Think of this as a time with family.

2. Digitize

Don't let this word scare you. This is the easiest way to downsize on photos. Hard copy photos are usually stored away in an attic or basement and never taken out. Scan these photos to your computer, send them into a scanning company or hire someone (like The Occasional Wife) to scan them for you. The photos will stay as beautiful as the day you took them and will be at your fingertips and ready to be sent over to loved ones.


3. Display

Gallery walls are in and on trend in home design. Have one wall dedicated to family photos in some beautiful frames. You can have them all match for a clean sleek approach or get all different ones for shabby chic. This is a fun way to decorate and keep the family memories alive.


Let's get creative! Take some of the photos and some Mod Podge and make family ornaments. This is another great way to get the family and spend time together. You could get a glass top side table and put a photo collage underneath. Make a wreath with family christmas photos. This possibilities are endless!


5. Donate or Delete

This is a hard one that even I have trouble with. Once you've backed up your photos you should really get rid of the hard copies especially those that are damaged. You can also donate. Many people love old photographs and creating something from them. Or give them to other family members. 

It is always hard to get rid of something sentimental but if you hate the way all of the photos have taken over your house then something must be done.

This all comes back to having a happier home.