The Occasional Wife

 Shelly Yenewine

Shelly Yenewine

Shelly Yenewine - Fairhope, AL

With a natural desire to create beautiful, functional spaces, Shelly Yenewine opened The Occasional Wife Fairhope in the spring of 2015. Having been both a working and a stay at home mother, Shelly realized the need in her community to bring to life a service that would help create spaces free of clutter and stress so that individuals and families could simplify their lives and get on with the task of living!

With the encouragement of the family and friends that had always benefited from her organizational skills, sense of style, and "get it done" attitude, Shelly has successfully transformed homes and lives in the coastal area. In the words of one of her clients, "I absolutely love working with Shelly at The Occasional Wife Fairhope. She has a way of diving straight in and getting to work before others have even put their purses down. Her knack for taming spaces into calm, functional, beautiful ones in a short amount of time is a true talent."

Within months of starting The Occasional Wife Fairhope, Shelly opened The Occasional Wife Fairhope Estate Sale Shop. Located in the picturesque town of Fairhope, AL, Shelly is now offering her clients the opportunity to sell the things that they no longer want or need to others. Clients and customers alike love The Shop for its beautiful items, unique concept and sensible pricing.