The Occasional Wife

 Chelsie Ciolino (L), Donna Dixon (R)

Chelsie Ciolino (L), Donna Dixon (R)

Donna Dixon & Chelsie Ciolino - Baton Rouge, LA

When it comes to having a good eye these two ladies, mother and daughter, are no rookies.  The beauty industry is what they have specialized in for over a decade.  "I love organizing, decorating, beautifying or really just anything that involves giving a person, place or thing a facelift," says Chelsie Ciolino.   Donna Dixon's philosophy is "the wealthiest life ever lived is a life lived by helping others. For these special reasons, we have chosen to join The Occasional Wife team."

Donna and Chelsie will be opening an estate sale store at 3135 Government Street in Baton Rouge this November. 


(225) 663-0421  or  (225) 663-0431