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What We Do

Depending upon your specific needs, The Occasional Wife will significantly simplify your daily routines and special event activities. By prioritizing tedious tasks, handling them in an appropriate manner, and organizing and streamlining work and personal environments, we make your life and special occasions stress-free and enjoyable. The Occasional Wife efficiently and effectively removes clutter, organizes spaces, cares for and manages your errands, tasks and other daily responsibilities, and plans and coordinates your complex social functions. What would you do with The Occasional Wife?

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What the Occasional Wife Can Do For You:

  • Organization of any room in your house
  • Arranging of special events
  • Eliminating Clutter
  • Holiday decorating and un-decorating
  • Estate sales
  • Personal Shopping
  • Running Errands
  • Overseeing Home Projects
  • Preparing a home for renovations/painting projects
  • Moving services/ Relocation Assistance
  • Fund raising
  • Preparing a home for a newborn and childproofing a home
  • Preparing/ Staging a home to Sell on the Real Estate Market
  • Anything you do not have time for

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