Who We Are

Kay Morrison

Kay HeadshotThe Occasional Wife is a concept born in my kitchen during a morning discussion with my husband. It was one of those days when neither our schedules nor our two young children were cooperating. At that point we realized that this family, our family, needed a wife.

My husband, familiar with many things past and present, stated that what we need is an Occasional Wife—the title of a short lived 1960s situation comedy about a socially active young executive who wanted to get ahead at his firm but needed a wife to do so. In steps the lovely but naive neighbor from the upstairs fire escape who fills in when needed for the obligatory sixties version of corporate life. The anticipated sitcom hilarity rarely developed but the idea came about there, growing in conversations with neighbors, friends, and co-workers. All seemed to feel the same way; we could use that additional someone to make life a bit simpler. The idea for a consulting firm for life was born.

After 21 years in the hospitality industry, the last eleven as an executive for one of the top hotel chains and seeming to spend most of my time on a plane, I decided to retire from that world. I wanted to start The Occasional Wife concept and build this accompanying consulting firm. My background in the hospitality industry is in operations, sales and management. It also includes steps along the way in funding and development for a non-profit corporation and the specific rigors of a grassroots political campaign. Through all this I kept my hand in event planning; whether for corporate extravaganzas or weddings and parties for friends and family.

The Occasional Wife is to be the service that helps you in life; whether for that one time major event or someone to assist you and your family in all its aspects.

With The Occasional Wife store we will be offering the resource everyone needs to find the perfect items to organize their lives with the most innovative, creative and space -saving products we can find while providing the personal service to help utilize those products.

2007 & 2008 "Innovator of the Year" recipient
Top Female Achiever 2012
Goldman Sachs Alumni